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        Over the past two decades, Kaili Carpet has seized the historical opportunity brought by China's reform and opening-up and the rapid development of the carpet industry. It has been adhering to the customer-centric and market-oriented concept, and it carries out continuous innovations based on customer demand, winning the respect and trust of global customers; it has grown steadily from a simple manufacturing enterprise based in China's Yangtze River Delta into a professional international whole-chain carpet Group integrating the design, development, production, sales and service of carpet and its materials.

        Kaili Carpet has seven industrial plants in China and a foreign production base; based on the demand for aerospace materials, its subsidiary Xinjiang Zhongji Aviation Materials and Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Xinjiang in September 2015; around the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, the company made a new investment of 150 million yuan in Shawan, Xinjiang in March 2016 to incorporate Xinjiang Tianmuhu Carpet Weaving Co., Ltd.

        At present, Kaili Carpet ranks high in China's carpet industry in terms of industry scale. It has world-class technology and production equipment, and it continues to increase investment in professional carpet for aviation, automotive and cruise. It can produce 28 million square meters of all types of carpets and 23,000 tons of BCF spinning yarns every year. It has steadily grown into an industry leader with the compound annual growth rate of 10%. Its sales were over 900 million yuan in 2016. Among them, Wilton Carpet, Axminster Carpet for engineering purpose, carpets for ships, Tufted Carpet for cars, single-sided Wilton Carpet for aviation purpose, various kinds of household printing carpets, PVC and bituminous square carpets are at the forefront of industrial products.

        Today, the global carpet industry is developing rapidly. With excellent strategic vision, Kaili Carpet pioneered in cooperation with Japan Dyre in the field of carpet in 2004, acquired South Africa Clossley in August 2014, and had a controlling interest in US Crossley Axminster Incorporated and UK Master Weaver Limited as well as the company's professional sales service and design team in North America and Europe; it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the brand Masland Contract under The Dixie Group in the United States in October 2015, and obtained the dominance of sales service in the Southeast Asian market; at present, based on Crossley's brand channel advantage in the international market, Kaili Carpet is promoting the Chinese brand "Kaili Carpet" to the world. It implements the company's international strategic plan and actively participates in the development and competition of the international market, laying a solid foundation for the company's continuous development and displaying the company's extraordinary strength and vision.


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