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        With the highly developed industrial civilization, environmental problems have become the focus of attention. As a company with social responsibility and responsibility, the kaili rugs have recognized the importance of environmental protection and made major initiatives to formally start construction Solar photovoltaic system, use clean energy! After careful planning, we can make full use of the existing factory environment and build a 51,000 square meter photovoltaic power generation site. When the equipment is officially run, it will account for 30% of the total power of the tianmu lake. In the future, the company will gradually invest in other factories, and gradually transform the energy needed for the production of the company into clean energy.

        Solar power system life cycle, over 30 years. Every kilowatt solar system, in its lifetime, generates an average of more than 25,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Producing a kilowatt-hour solar system consumes about 1,500 degrees of electricity.
        1. There is no risk of exhaustion.
        2. Safe, reliable, noiseless and pollution-free, absolutely clean.
        3. The advantages of building roof can be used without restriction of resource distribution region; For example, there is no electricity area, and the terrain is complex.
        4. There is no need to consume fuel and set up transmission lines to generate electricity in place.
        5. High energy quality.
        6. The user is emotionally receptive.
        7. The construction cycle is short and the time to get energy is short.


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        最新在线伦费观看中文 丝袜国偷自产中文字幕 和老板在办公室bd 中文.